Feeling So Exotic! – FLF Post (Music)

This one goes as surprise Food-Less Friday(FLF) Post under Music and Entertainment.

Was listening to this awesome track “Exotic” of Priyanka Chopra featuring Pitbull. After “In my city” with Will.i.am., this single from her is also getting in the list of  liked Songs. In comparison, I would rate it higher in likeability on the level of beats and rhythm. These are more enthralling and foot-tapping. And in between, the desi lyrics from desi girl of our state (:) ) are also more interesting. This is what, the interpretation of those lyrics, makes us Indians and Priyanka feel proud about. Liked her statement “I was born perfect” on becoming International Singer. I also came to know about the plans of hers about her singing career, for which she is planning to write her own lyrics for future singles and would work with several singers & composers of Indian & foreign origin as well.

Like fusion food, fusion fashion, etc. the fusion music trend is also on rage. This fusion single’s likeability proves the same completely. Give your ears to this splendidly blended track & feel entertained.music

“Exotic” by Priyanka Chopra ft. Pitbull

Meet y’all again in my next Food Post-Cilantro Lime Fried Rice.

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