Chawal Ke Laddoo or Rice flour Sweet Snow-Balls

Chawal ke laddoo or Rice flour laddoo-s are sweet round balls of rice flour which are very easy to make(no cooking). They with very simple recipe, got prepared in less of time. They are made as my first sweet treat to fall and for this Christmas season. See they look so aptly shaped like snow balls which are deliciously very sweet.Chawal Ke Laddo or Rice flour Sweet Snow-Balls

For these, I have used home-made rice flour because I like that graininess of freshly ground rice flour in these laddoos but you can use readymade flour too.  Usage of condensed milk provides binding as well as sweetness. You can skip that but in that case qty of desi ghee will be required to be increased to bind to shape them round.Chawal Ke Laddo or Rice flour Sweet Snow-Balls with gulabjamuns

That day I had tasting of  two sweet flavors together in my dessert menu with GulabJamun.

With hailing of snow on our WordPress  blogs, my blog should also not lag behind hailing snow in the form of these Rice flour sweet Snow-Balls 🙂


For Preparation- 10 min

For Making- depends on your speed 😉 🙂 30 min

Category- Sweet/dessert


Rice flour-1/2 cup (freshly ground would also do)

Powdered/Icing Sugar- 1/2 cup

Sweet Condensed Milk- 2 tbsp

Clarified butter/Desi ghee- ¼ cup or as required

Almonds halves- to garnish

Steps to follow

  1. Mix rice flour and powdered sugar thoroughly.
  2. Then add desi ghee and condensed milk. Mix all to form pliable dough like mixture (if not pliable add more ghee).
  3. Take one small portion out of this and form it like a ping pong sized ball (rounding and pressing hard with both hands). Similarly make with other remaining dough.
  4. Plate up garnished with almond halves or refrigerate/store airtight.Chawal Ke Laddo or Rice flour Sweet Snow-Balls


If you wish you can slight dry roast powdered rice/rice flour on very low flame so that it doesn’t turn brown but leaves its rawfullness (I liked it being raw in bite).

If you liked you might also like Nutty Besan Laddoos

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  1. saumya says:

    Good usage of rice flour

would love to hear from you :)

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