Cardamom Tea/Chai

Hello everyone! Greeting you’ll after long time as was on holidays but its looking like that I haven’t met the place since ages 🙂 ……. Hope you’ll doing good. Here starting my year with a very basic Post yet a rejuvenating start to the year. This one is also special cz it is my 201(200+1) post; the one auspicious post as the first post of the year. I am feeling also encouraged as this one is my post after two awards by my Blogger friends Namrata & Divya who nominated me for Liebster Awards which I have added into the Awards List.

Today I am presenting here the post of Cardamom Tea/Chai.Tea. Tea, without which everyone’s morning is incomplete therefore, it needs to be some extra special, aromatic, and with goodness. Here tea’s goodness is concealed in its aroma & features of cardamom and tea powder.Cardamom Tea

Everyone has different way of making and liking of tea. Some add more milk in tea; some want it stronger with more tea powder, some like it slight in sweetness and vice-versa etc. The way I am sharing is the method my lovely Bro, Akchay taught me like a professional chef live in his Kitchen :). Each step neatly and methodically performed. That made me feel to capture his method but it just couldn’t strike when he did and I missed :(. Well Done job Bro, the cup of tea was comforting and scrummy.Cardamom Chai/Tea

Otherwise this is replication of his way and method of making Cardamom Tea:


Time Taken-For Preparation- 1 min

For Cooking- 10-12 min


Category- Beverages

Ingredients (1cup=250ml) & (1tsp=5ml)

Tea Powder-2 tsp

Milk-1/2 cup

Water- 1½  cups

Sugar- 6 tsp or to taste

Cardamom- 7 pods

Steps to follow

  1. Heat water in a saucepan; add in sugar, tea powder and let it boil.
  2.  When boil comes, lower the flame to medium, and add ground cardamom powder (a fine as possible with mortar& pestle /grinder) and let it brew for 5 minutes more.
  3. Now add milk (hot or w arm, fine) and let it brew again for few minutes to gain perfect tea color.
  4. Strain into cups and serve hot. Enjoy its every sip.



  1.  Larger time given for brewing, better the flavor of tea.
  2. Take ¼ to ½ cup extra of water to the required serving as some will evaporate on brewing.Cadamom Chai/Tea

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Shruti says:

    Just a cuppa tea??!!! Itz never enuf… It has to be a big mug full with buddies around to chatter non-stop… I simply luv cardamom flavored tea ♥

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Truly said dear 🙂 ……. y’all yaar-dost over these cups of tea are welcome. Cheers 🙂

  2. Namrata says:

    I totally agree with Shruti…:) chai and yaar dost .. mandatory. I love cardamom chai too.

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Yeah Dear 🙂 welcome over here these cups of tea to enjoy the warmth in chill with full chattering.

  3. We are having snow right now, had one cup already, need this too.

  4. Shobhnaa : welcome back :). Missed you!
    Elaichi wali chai is one of my favorite kinds…it just calms you down!

    1. shobhnaa says:

      awwww that’s so cute. You are sweetheart.

  5. nandoo says:

    Cardamom tea is hubby’s fav. Nice post dear.

    On-going event: South Indian cooking

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Nice to know about that. Thanks for acquainting about the event.

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