Diwali’s Message & Diwali Recipes-

I wish y’all a very Happy, safe, pollution-free and a tasty Diwali. Look your best with your festivity inspired stylo-attires, brighten up your surroundings with joy, diwali lights & diyas; let this diwali be cracker-less and pollution-free; design a beautiful rangoli; do poojas-rituals n all for God’s blessings; gift & wish others & get back the same and last but not the least, prepare Diwali recipes, and enjoy their deliciousness.

Diwali Sweets
Diwali Sweets

Here is the list of various sweet-dishes you can prepare for the D-Day-> Diwali-Sweets (choose your favourites from there).

Choose here-> for Diwali Snacks

Here is the list of other recipes from other categories of food, you can try for the day-> Diwali Recipes.

Lastly once again I wish Happy and grand celebration for Diwali.



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  1. mmmarzipan says:

    What a lovely post! Beautiful sweets!

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