Hello Lovelies

Today got a trophy from WordPress. Yes it’s for completing three food boggling digitally delicious Years on this fantastic Platform of Blogging. Yes it’s my third Blog Anniversary. Though I was away for long looonng time. But its good to be late than never. Thought to update this post rather than skipping it and posting never. I am feeling sorry to be away from this platform which used to be my vital part of life but my busyness with other aspects and jobs of my daily life. During that stint, I also got introduced to a new  aspect of food blogging- the microwave cooking and baking. It made me felt so good that my foodblogging would now have more variations. I learned various knick knacks and knowledge of basic microwave cooking and baking. Soon  l’ll be sharing the post for my microwave cooking and basic baking. But for now, here is the post of Pizzadillas which I cooked and experimented long ago. Pizzadillas That was fusion of Pizza and quesedillas, Pizzadilla. After tortillas and pizza sauce, I had prepared something including these both.Pizzadilla

Ingredients used


Pizza Sauce

Mozzarella Cheese/ Processed one will also do

Cabbage (shredded)

Capsicum/green bell peppers (shreddded)

Onion (sliced)

Soya nuggets (boiled & squeezed)

Mushrooms (sliced)

Tomatoes (sliced)

Oil and butter as required

Take all the above ingredients on the basis of your  liking and taste or as you wish to take for all those Pizzadillas require or you want to cook.

What I did and experimented  here to use the trick of mixing the ingredients of two delicacies- the pizza and quesedillas that resulted in Pizzadillas. That had fusion of ingredients of both.

The Steps I followed

  1. In a separate pan, heat some oil and cook all veggies putting in some salt and pepper till they are half or 3/4 th as they are  done like you wish for.
  2. Heat a flat pan, smear light a teaspoon or half of butter on it and put a tortilla. Heat it both sides.
  3. On one side spread pizza sauce over it and Put some veggies & spread it over whole tortilla.
  4. Now spread cheese(grated) . Fold it into half moon shaped.
  5. Toast each side pressing so that cheese melts and both sides get light brown and spotted making Pizzadilla light crispy.
  6. Serve out on a tray cutting it into half from middle. Serve with sauce, cheesy dip or guacamole.Pizzadillas

Enjoy your meal!

One thing more I wish to share here with y’all guys that already you know that my blog-birthday month is same as my birthday so here I am sharing my birthday cake sent to me all the way from bangalore from my cutie sis. Was missing her here a lot. Love u Pooh.Birthday Cakeimg1443618818158

Until next time keep having good food and have good life.

See you soon in my next post.🙋



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