Microwave Cooking & Baking Basics

Start of this year brought  me a new fangled aspect of Cooking mostly taken not associated with Indian Cooking- the microwave cooking. In Indian Cuisine, most of the dishes are cooked over cooktop. But evolution  is feature of nature so giving my cooking a new evolved look, I tried few Indian cuisines and exotic dishes of various other cuisines in my microwave.  Basic microwave cooking got started with boiling of potatoes as very basic initial. Manuals, demo, cooking classes and Recipe book most importantly associated with LG icrowave cooking or baking-the Nita Mehta recipe book helped a lot in learning and trying my hands on several recipes both Indian  & exotic.  Next I tried all those dishes that involved all those cooking kit initials come along with microwave. That included- Instant Rava Idli, Dhokla, Pizza, Paneer Tikka, Mixed Vegetable Pilaf, Urad dal medhu Vada/ Moong Vada, Baked Samosas, Baked Ghujias, 5 Min Microwave Chocolate Cake.

Trying these with Recipe Book gave me fine results. But trying few of these again with few variation in ratio of ingredients made me to learn that ratios are very important in baking/ microwave mode cooking. A slight disturbances in ratio can spoil the results. Next thing important is timing of cooking. Time taken by a dish is also criticalcritical. Few minutes more or less can vary the results. Perfect  Ratio and time give perfect results. Residual heat is also important. Giving extra few minutes in micro mode cook food better. Larger pieces of dish should be placed away from center outwards so they get cooked easily. Removing moisture from foods, reheating, defrosting yogurt, cheese etc are also done easily without much manual involvement. Other aspects of microwave cooking is yet to be revealed here. Will be done in coming posts.

Later I bought other goodies required for baking like metal baking tray, borosil baking dish,  muffin silicone molds, heart shaped metal muffin moulds, baking sheet, polywrap for micro mode, oiling sprayer, oiling silicone brush, cookie cutters of various shapes, star, heart, diamond etc. All these helped me in making choco muffins in micro mode. Chocolate Cake, blueberry and banana muffins in convection mode. Apart from these I prepared Sweet Corn Soup. Dum aloo posto, grilled bread aloo tikki, grilled Cheese toast etc. Few other dishes were there which were parts of my microwave cooking and baking, I missed to take pictures of those. I managed to take pictures of those which are combined in this collage. Others were missed. Those other dishes which will be experimented  by me or which will be a newly created by me will be shared here. Microwave cooking and baking basics


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