Badam Halwa (Almond fudge)

Hello friendsBadam HalwaIn my first post of this year, I wish you a sweet start with this sweet dish, Badam Halwa. This 2016, look your 20 and feel 16 and also for many more years to come. After pinning coconut almond fudge on my Pinterest. I had wish to make something like this. But I didn’t want to use cococonut butter and almond butter to make them. Rather their shapes compelled me to make burfies, Almond Burfies. Less common to Kaju Katli/Burfi Badam Burfi is a rare sight. Making Badam Burfies and getting them right in first shot was a bit tidious. But I tried following a recipe that gave me badam halwa instead of badam Burfi. Happy at least ended up getting something worth than nothing but a spoiled dish. I followed the recipe with blanched peeled off almonds at least a cup. Then made its paste  but somewhere there was a lack of chance of mistake that what string of sugar syrup is required and what consistency of paste is required. When both will complement then only almond paste and sugar syrup combination will give a good almond dough to make burfies. No need to worry if it’s not getting the right consistency to shape like burfies. Evaporate it as much as possible and you’ll have pretty and tempting protein filled Badam Halwa if not burfiesDSC00266Instead of making almond paste; proceeding with the almond powder looks a way better than earlier method to make badam Burfi. When I’ll try a sure recipe for both they will be shared here.

Two good sounding recipes and high recipes ranking recipes of badam burfi-



Good recipe of Badam Halwa at vegrecipesofindia

Enjoy folks. Have a splendid Year ahead full of goodness for you all.

Would love to hear from you 🙂



would love to hear from you :)

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