Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam plus a garden edible- FLF Post

Hello Friends this is my micro blogging post. Its about edibles from garden but not from mine . It’s from my Mami’s garden. It’s Red, sweet , cute, juicy fruit. Any guesses about the fruit? Do visit the link HERE For beautiful picture.friends.Garden Strawberries


Great effort in raising plains of lucknow with moderate temperature rather which requires low temperature.

Since long time i have had this on my mind to share it with you my world family. But finally now got moved to upload the video which is  revealing that the whole world is family,my family, our family like a family of an Indian. The Song is pretty heart touching. Lyrics are so moving as well.. Other info about the song can be collected through Wikipedia . Its great initiative by Zee 



would love to hear from you :)

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