Dinner Scene- Eggs’ dishes in menu

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying the winters….Somewhere it’s snowfall, somewhere it’s shivering chilling weather with dense fog and on the other hand, somewhere it’s not at all chilly. All places with different weathers but here in North India, it’s very much cold these days. And it’s feel like heaven to enjoy piping hot scrumptious…

Vegetable Masala Pulao

Vegetable Masala  Pulao is real delish and easy to make. Prepare Steamed basmati rice seperate and saute veggies (carrot, french beans, peas, capsicum, onion etc)  and cook till done with powdered  spices (masala- coriander, turmeric, red chilli powder, garam masala)  in tadka of jeera. Then mix steamed rice and salt to taste and gently mix….

Cilantro-Lime Fried Rice

Here is the main dish or one pot meal, Cilantro lime fried rice I was referring in the post of Hariyali Aloo Chaat that can help you using your cilantro/coriander in another delicious form. I got to know about Cilantro Lime Rice on Chef In You whose Cilantro Lime Rice was inspired from Chipotle style….

Chilli-Garlic Fried Rice

Hello everyone! Wondering where have I been vanished to, for these many days? Again, was stuck with some technical problem with my PC which refrained me from the blog for ten long days. But now the problem is fixed and I am back again to meet y’all, to explore wonderful bloggers’ blogs and my most…

Kathal-Biryani (Jack-fruit Biryani)

Kathal- Biryani or Jack-fruit Biryani, the not so popular biryani in the biryani-series like Chicken or Mutton Biryani, but I must say Kathal-Biryani is an equally delicious vegan version of non-veg biryani. As Jack-fruit is called Tree-Mutton or Veg Mutton, it aptly substitutes mutton of Biryani & justifies its inclusion in flavor of Biryani. You…