Flickery, flashy and flaunting looks in seconds

My collection !!!!

I don’t know why it is always said that girls or women take a lot of time get dressed up for party or for any outing. I am also a girl and for me it always takes few minutes to be ready and if we, girls take time in dressing up for good look, there is nothing wrong in that. Any one has full right to take as much time as he/she wants to get dressed up. Don’t know why we, girls are always criticized for that.

We can be dressed up in few moments and still can look simply awesome to have everyone’s staring look.

Get dressed up in your favorite dress and match it up with nice pair of shoes/flip flops/stilettos/wedges whatever goes with outfit for outing. First do your hair. For instant look, let your hair loose if they don’t get messy and give them a nice look with tick tocks, bob clips or clutch clips otherwise tie up with bands. Now do your light make-up with a base or a moisturizing cream, wear Kajal, eyeliner and mascara….and your eyes are done with simply gorgeous look. Have lip color on your lips and your make-up is simply all done.

Now accessorize yourself with earrings, neck piece and a beautiful bracelet in one hand and funky bands/bangles in other. These can be casual or formal going with the kind of dress. Embellish your hands with matching nail pops. All this will take hardly 10-15 minutes and you are ready to go and flaunt your awesome looks.

bracelets (Photo credit: briannaknt)
English: bracelet
English: bracelet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Composable Bracelets
English: Composable Bracelets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I dress up in this manner only, it takes very less time and I am always adored for being simple yet stylish.

You can make your style statement like specialize your appearance in one exceptional kind of thing that differentiate you look from others.

Like in my college days I had a good collection of bracelets and I always used to wear different bracelet everyday. I was always admired by my colleagues for wearing such elegant bracelets daily. Those bracelets became my style statement and I was flattered by my colleagues to get each kind of bracelet of my choice for them too. I really love to wear different kind of bracelets on different kind of apparels. Some are stony, some are metallic, others are jeweled, and some have gem stones etc. A long list of their kinds I have.


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