Paper Dosa

This was my yesterday’s Lunch-Crispy Paper Dosa-The best way to make crispy paper dosa is to let it rise properly at least for 6-8 hrs. The recipe for Paper plain dosa and Masala dosa is here. See you in next post…… Byee!

Spring Rewinded II

Here is again the post of nature clicks comprising the best and most beautiful creation of nature and that are flowers! It is the continuation of my last post only, Spring Rewinded that contained few clicks of my garden’s spring flowers, they were so enchanting and respite to eyes in such hot scorching sunny days….

Artistic Eggs- Food Art with Eggs

Once I tried food art with eggs; the very first time when I made food art, it was with eggs in which eggs were embodied in mice roaming in jungle (forest). I named that post Playing with food: Food art. I found eggs are very much adaptable and have contributed in food art to a…

Playing with food: Food Art

While we satiate our hunger and keep gobbling food, we don’t give a single thought to an unidentified secret that lies behind the food. That unidentified secret is art and creativity that is concealed within all the food items that we eat in everyday life. If we observe food   items in a different way, we…