Rangoli Designs Ideas for this Diwali

Here comes my surprise Food-Less Friday(FLF) Post under the category Creativity & Art, related to festivity in this festive mood.

Rangoli has also got its unique significance on Diwali. Last year I had shared about Rangoli & its significance with my own created rangoli design. For this year also I was exploring some simple, easy yet beautiful Rangoli ideas which can help me creating this year’s Rangoli Pattern. I hope you must also be in thought that this year, how would your Rangoli look like? Then here are few ideas which are not very complicated to take much of your valuable time in creating rangoli on a busy day of festival like diwali, yet they are beautiful and elegant. I feel everyone who is not very artistic like me ;), wants a design very easy and beautiful too. Then these are patterns which I created past years and few others may help. This one from Gallery is of last year’s (joint efforts of mine & Pooh :)) :

And this one from my album is of last to last year when I even didn’t have idea to blog.Rangoli 11

If you want some more patterns and ideas about rangoli designs, some easy, some simple or if want some great beautiful patterns then you can find more, HERE.

Peacock Rangoli Design-http://www.pinterest.com/pin/299137600220624832/  <-(click to see)

Kundan Rangoli-http://www.pinterest.com/pin/299137600220665861/ <-(click to see)

Floating Flowers Rangoli-http://www.pinterest.com/pin/299137600220673511/ <- (click to see)

Markets avail some stencils, rangoli coasters, ready to stick Rangoli patterns and ready made kundan rangoli sets which make your rangoli designing part effortless & they can be created in jiffy. But your self created ones  possess unique artistic essence that can’t be compared with anything. For creating rangoli buy only Rangoli-Colors that are marketed only to create rangoli because they help in creating pattern easily, but otherwise Holi colors would also do. You can also use colored edibles like rice (colored with turmeric as yellow rice etc), or can use colored lentils to create small edible-rangoli pattern. You can also choose variety of flowers to create your rangoli like created on Onam. Kundan rangoli looks very elegant-jewy-shiny and can be created indoors like in living rooms, over well furnished flooring or on center table. Kundan Rangoli can be made at home with rhinestones, pearls, various kinds of stones by sticking them together with glue over craft sheets/OHP (clear over head projector sheet) in some pattern of  your choice .

I am also looking forward to choose from these patterns to create this year’s Diwali-Rangoli.

After this Surprize Food-Less Friday Post, the Food Post, Panchratan Namkeen Mixture is ready to arrive next, very soon. Enjoy the essence of festivity.

Wishing y’all a very Happy Dhanteras and Happy Diwali.

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