Mango Melody

In summers, markets get buzzed up with wide variety of luscious summer fruits but none can beat the king of summer fruits, Mango. In the season of mangoes when each one of you is busy trying to optimize their mangoes in some cool desserts and drinks, I also couldn’t resist to try and share one. As I don’t have sweet-tooth, I rarely crave for sweets and desserts, therefore I feel lazy to prepare any dessert without any craving for same. I only go for preparing any dessert when either I crave for sweets or someone in family asks for or on special occasion. This is the reason despite mango season going on; I have not given a try to any dessert of mango. Though I have given a basic start to experimentation with mangoes through this Mango Melody & looking forward to more.Mango Melody

Don’t confuse with the name, I know the name sounds different & looks a name of song about mangoes but the name melody is given to show how sweet, refreshing and feel good kind of flavor this Mango Drink has, same like any sweet melody of song. Mango Melody is a mango drink similar to Mango Smoothie or Mango Shake but it has got difference from latter ones as it is sans milk which is found in most recipes of Mango smoothie or mango shake. Try out Mango- Smoothie or Mango Shake sans milk in the form of Mango Melody, you’d definitely like it.Mango Melody

I wanted a beverage only of mangoes, that’s why, omitted milk inclusion. Mango Melody is a beverage of mangoes in which the goodness of pulp is intact. But if you like a Mango Juice without pulp, you can strain this mango melody. This will give you fruity Mango juice. However drinking Mango Melody with pulp is recommended as pulp is good for health.

Let’s come to the recipe of Sweet Mango Melody for all you Sweet People:



Time Taken- 10 min

Servings- 2-3

Category- Beverage



Ripe Mangoes- 2 large (Peeled, cut lengthwise)

Chilled Water- 1½ cups

Granulated Sugar or Honey- 2 tbsp

Cardamom Powder- 1½ tsp

 Steps to follow

  1. Take mango pieces and sugar/honey in blender and blend it until sugar dissolves and a uniform mango mixture is obtained.
  2. Now add chilled water and blend the mango mixture until water and mango pulp get amalgamated uniformly well.
  3. Add cardamom powder and give a nice churn again.
  4. Serve chilled with some ice-cubes.Mango Melody


  1. If you like the blend of milk and mangoes, then you can replace chilled water with chilled milk (don’t use warm milk/hot milk)
  2. Always select sweet variety of mangoes for making it.

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